Are National Events Today Being Staged?

Critical thinkers around the world and in this nation are starting to wonder if some of the unprecedented strange events occurring around the world, particularly in America, are being staged. Here are some examples that thinking people are dwelling on… The multiple fraudulent illegal attacks on Donald J. Trump that began in 2016 during his


Nikki Haley’s Mini-Bush Town Hall on CNN

During a CNN town hall on Sunday night, Presidential candidate Nikki Haley, polling at 4%, didn’t describe the threat of millions of unvetted people crossing our borders as existential. She did describe Ukraine losing the war as an existential threat to democracy throughout the world. [The US is a constitutional Republic, not a democracy.] About


Wealth Taxes: The Tale of “Tuh”

There is a big push to implement wealth taxes, partly as a way of raising revenue, but mostly as a punitive measure to reduce inequality. In fact, our politicians have been refreshingly candid: The goal is to punish the rich, even if it harms the overall economy. This is pure naked economic puritanism, of the