Wealth Taxes: The Tale of “Tuh”

There is a big push to implement wealth taxes, partly as a way of raising revenue, but mostly as a punitive measure to reduce inequality. In fact, our politicians have been refreshingly candid: The goal is to punish the rich, even if it harms the overall economy. This is pure naked economic puritanism, of the


Ukraine Is Going Komikaze

Ukraine’s vain attempts to launch an offensive ostensibly to oust Russia from “conquered” lands in the Donbass reminds me of the Japanese Kamikaze bombers trying to impede the inevitable U.S. victory in the Pacific. It is needless deaths sacrificed in the name of national honor but, when it is over, is totally meaningless. Before delving


A Multipolar World Is Emerging

A Multipolar World Is Emerging Authored by Natasha Wright, A new world order is evidently well underway with BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) nations offering ample alternatives to the hegemonic Collective West. ‘If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – for ever.’ This is one