“Dr. Deborah Wolf: is ‘Spiritual Psychotherapy’ Real?”


Our times are getting weirder by the day. More and more of us have the feeling that the materialist, rationalist mindset that was more than enough to explain reality since the Enlightenment, no longer suffices, as events seem to have taken on an increasingly metaphysical dimension.

Should this reassessment of what we need to navigate these times, extend to psychotherapy? Dr Deborah Wolf (disclosure: Naomi Wolf’s mother) is a psychotherapist who trained with Brian Weiss, as well as having trained in Native American and shamanistic modalities. She uses a range of spiritually oriented practices, ranging from hypnotherapy to ‘past life regression’ to the use of symbolic cards, to help her clients identify the deeper messages for their souls’ work, the stick patterns and challenging relationships with which they struggle, may hold for them. In this discussion, she explains a cosmology in which we choose our families and life circumstances in order to learn important lessons, to progress spiritually, and to grow.

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