E48S2: “This a Global War for Our Land, for Our Resources, and for Our Elimination”


What is war about? Land. Our country, our people, and our way of life are under attack from every side…and the goal is to take our resources and our land. To take our land, our enemies need to either enslave us or eliminate us. The Biden Administration has policies related to illegal immigration, crime, health, and justice, that make it hard to ignore that Americans are being targeted for elimination…by our own government. This government is supporting a larger agenda at the global level that has the Chinese Communist Party (“CCP”) at the helm.

What does China want? Everything we have…but we, the People, are in the way. This war, which seeks to take our land, will also take our lives unless we fight back.

Listen in as O’Shea and Carrell explain what the threat is and also how to fight it. Content in this episode is based on their latest research, leads provided by government insiders, local politicians, and by you, the Unrestricted Invasion audience!

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