EP40S2: “Title IX: Who is it Protecting?” Brian O’Shea w/ Guest Kate Hildreth


Title IX, meant to protect all students on college campuses from rape, assault, and physical danger (from other students, faculty, & others) seems to be changing to protect just some students on college campuses. Who are the students that it is protecting? Mainly those who support the Biden Administration’s political agenda. Our guest Kate Hildreth, a Daily Clout contributor, Director of Creative, and host of two DailyClout Shows, Homestead Revival and The Rogue Millennial, noticed this and is not happy. Nor should any taxpaying US citizen be. Kate joins host Brian O’Shea to discuss Title IX, its history, how it is changing, and how it has recently been rewritten by the Biden Administration to protect the rights of some but not all students. Join us for this very important episode as we discuss an issue that not only favors one group of students over another but may be creating a danger zone for students who just want to go to college to get a higher education. Join us, comment, and share because everyone should know who the new Title IX is protecting and, alarmingly, who it is not.

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About Our Guest, Kate Hildreth:

Kate Hildreth is the Creative Director at DailyClout. She hosts two shows on The DailyClout Network: The Rogue Millennial, featuring fiery cultural commentary, and Homestead Revival, featuring DIYs, progress updates on house projects, independent living, and more.


About Host, Brian O’Shea

Brian O’Shea is the Chief Operations Officer at Centurion Intelligence Partners, a Private Intelligence Consulting Firm serving various industries. He is also an Investigative Journalist and co-host of Unrestricted Invasion.




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