EP46S2: “The Chaos in Our Country is Serving China’s Larger Plan” w/JJ Carrell and Brian O’Shea


The Chinese Communist Party and its “Useful Idiots”— aligned assets and informal allies — are waging a multi-pronged, unrelenting, unrestricted war against the West. These entities are attacking us in our universities, in our health policies, in our communities, and in every facet of our lives. They are using Marxist “cat’s paws” to stir up unrest here at home, as evidenced by the “Ceasefire” (pro-Palestine/anti-Israel protests) which are planned, organized, and executed by various non-profits who have board members who are openly Anti-Capitalist and often openly Socialist, even Communist.

The CCP is also attacking our infrastructure, our financial systems, our food supply, and our overall supply chain. No matter where you look, if you know what to look for, you see this offensive coming at us from every direction and in every form of warfare articulated in the PLA Press’s “Unrestricted Warfare”.

So, what type of endgame does all this chaos support? Why not just destroy us? Why not drop a nuclear weapon and be done with it? Because the CCP’s Grand Strategy includes the incorporation of the United States — not as a global power but as a vassal state.

This grand strategy is known as “China Rejuvenation 2049” or “China Dream 2049″: its goal is for China to be the global hegemon — dominant force – over all the nations on Earth by 2049. This grand strategy is supported by China’s One Belt/One Road” initiative (also known as “The Belt and Road” or “The New Silk Road”). The Belt and Road brings weaker countries under the yoke of China via toxic financing from China to rebuild these countries’ economies, infrastructures, and failed social structures. What is peculiar about the countries who have succumbed to the Belt and Road is that most of their internal systems failed only after adopting programs and initiatives that China supports: converting the energy infrastructure to renewable energy — which eventually destroys a country’s energy security; allowing Chinese-made goods and services to undermine manufacturing and logistics sectors; and the adoption of China-style management of crisis response — such as mass lockdowns, masking, and forced inoculation of the country’s population. (This sounding familiar yet?)

The strategy is to severely cripple the United States so that it is forced to sign onto the Belt and Road, thus making the USA nothing more than a weapons manufacturer and food producer for China, complete with a new workforce to replace the native workforce.

This thesis explains why the native population in this country and other countries is suddenly victim to increases in all-cause mortality, reduced birth rates, and ever-increasing unemployment rates. That is the plan.

Please watch this deep dive into the connections between China’s Grand Strategy and recent events that fit perfectly into this dark picture of America’s future that Brian and JJ illustrate.

But all is not lost! Join us for this riveting discussion!

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About the Hosts:

Brian O’Shea is a Subject Matter Expert on Intelligence Collection and Operations, Competitive Intelligence, irregular warfare and terrorist networks/operations, propaganda, Geopolitical matters across five continents, and the United States Intelligence Community. Brian spent almost three decades in various fields of intelligence disciplines. His career started in the field of Military Intelligence as an active-duty member of the U.S. Army. He spent most of his enlistment assigned to two special forces units, 1st & 5th Special Forces Groups. He then spent over a decade working in two of the U.S. Government’s largest intelligence agencies. Finally, Brian worked in the fields of competitive intelligence and private intelligence consulting for a variety of clients worldwide. Brian has professional and/or military experience in over forty-seven different countries and is a military-trained Arabic linguist. In addition to his current intelligence roles, Brian is also an Investigative Journalist at DailyClout.io and co-host of Unrestricted Invasion. He is hopelessly addicted to ribeye steaks (rare, of course!)




J.J. Carrell is a recently retired United States Border Patrol Agent (Deputy Patrol Agent in Charge) having served a 24-years protecting the United States’ borders. Carrell brings a different view on immigration and what is now transpiring at the border. He is an author, a public speaker, and a regular commentator on major news media outlets based on his subject matter expertise. He is the co-host of Daily Clout’s Unrestricted Invasion as well as a regular contributor to Daily Clout’s News and Opinion Column.




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