EXCLUSIVE: Naomi Wolf slams Biden’s border crisis, vaccine mandates

“They’re given an ATM card and a cell phone, just like special forces who are dropped into a country are given a cell phone and an ATM card. They’re given scooters.”

Dr. Naomi Wolf’s new book, “Facing the Beast: Courage, Faith and Resistance in a New Dark Age,” is the story of the author’s journey from being on the “deep left” to crusading against Covid mandates, government restrictions on free speech and any attempts to dilute the Second Amendment and stomp on her right to bear arms.

Wolf, who once thought gun owners were “sadists” out of “horror films” now says the Second Amendment gave Americans “the breathing space to fight back” during the Covid pandemic.

Wolf, a best-selling author of books that have become a part of the feminist lexicon, says she has been dismissed by her old friends and colleagues on the left as a conspiracy theorist, a Q-Anon advocate, and even “batsh*t crazy” for daring to question the safety and efficacy of the Covid vaccine. 

She began by posting Tweets on what was then Twitter. Then she appeared as a guest on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to discuss how the vaccine was affecting women’s health. She and Carlson couldn’t seem to find anything to disagree on. 

That might have been the final straw for the woke crowd that had once lauded her work but now had so much invested in Covid lockdowns and the government spending and overreach that went with it.

In an interview Friday, Wolf talked about her book and some of her ideological changes. There’s even a chapter entitled “Dear Conservatives, I Apologize.”

Nowhere is Wolf’s political transformation more cogent – more verifiable – than in her position on the right to bear arms.

“Yeah, I did come full circle on that, you know … I was an advisor to [Bill] Clinton’s reelection campaign and to Vice President Gore. 

“So I’m like, deep, I was from the deep left. And in the deep left, you know, crazy people own guns, and crazy people want to own guns, sadists and lunatics, you know, out of horror films want to have guns in their home. And guns are treated as kind of something so dangerous to be around that, you know, you’re going to shoot yourself inadvertently, you’re going to shoot your child inadvertently: there’s a whole kind of horror narrative around gun ownership,” Wolf told The Post Millennial.

She says a lot of factors contributed to her changing her views on firearms but the tyrannical posture of federal and state governments during the pandemic was a major cause, along with President Joe Biden’s absolute refusal to do anything about America’s open border with Mexico, something Wolf describes as an “invasion.”

Wolf says the United States is the only democratic country that continues to allow mass gun ownership while it fights to retain basic liberties. She points out in “Facing the Beast” that Canadians have no right to bear arms and when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act against the peaceful trucker protest of the Freedom Convoy, the police brutality suppressed defenseless citizens.

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