‘Fat’ Alvin’s Achievement? Turning “Never Trump” Voters To MAGA Supporters


Fat Alvin has just made history. Who would’ve thought that the lunacy of the left and their obsession with ‘getting’ President Donald Trump can turn Never Trump voters into a full-on MAGA advocate?!

The people witnessed the relentless attacks received by President Trump from all directions and across states. But instead of weakening his stance, the GOP leader managed to rise above and prove how a leader should stir the direction of the entire country, which has sunk into its lowest levels under Joe Biden’s communist regime.

In the words of the Raging Patriot’s co-founder, Nicholas Pagnotta, “In a time where every federal and legal institution has been hijacked and weaponized by Joe Biden’s communist minions, be thankful for one thing…he has stupid enemies.”

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Not only did the guilty verdict against Trump prove to be a financial boon for the Republican National Party, but the presumptive nominee has also changed the hearts of those Americans who were reluctant to support Trump in the past to cast their ballots for him in general elections.

Venture capitalist Shaun Maguire exclaimed that he had donated a six-figure donation into the former president’s campaign chest last week.

In an interview with the Free Press, Maguire said that what persuaded him to back Trump was the lawfare of the Democrats against him.

“We were told that Donald Trump would be the end of democracy, but it turns out that lawfare tactics have been escalated by the Democrats and not by the Republicans,” the venture capitalist remarked.

“And so it’s from that backdrop that I believe the Republican Party is less of a danger to democracy than the Democratic Party right now.”

Meanwhile, a travel consultant who once claimed that “he couldn’t stand Trump,” Jack MacGuire, said that everything has changed since Trump got bombarded with criminal lawsuits.

“What happened has every level of corruption and deceit and a willingness to use whatever means necessary to stay in power,” MacGuire told the Free Press.

“It just absolutely galvanized me to say enough is enough. I’m all in with the MAGA people because this has to end.”

Kate Nitti, a Democrat throughout her life, shared with the Free Press that she is now weighing on voting for the former president.

“I feel the need to send a message to the Democrats that their dirty politics will not be rewarded,” Nitti said.

“I’m no fan of Trump. That said, I have a huge problem with contorting the law or using prosecutorial authority in the name of ‘saving democracy,’ which has been the Democrats’ message for the past four years,” she argued.

Biden’s rhetoric of lies is no longer accepted by the people.

Adam Mortara, a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School, pointed that the real danger to America is Biden and the Democrats.

“What’s gotten me off the sidelines is that if he does not win, and by a rather sizable margin, that will validate this type of weaponization of the judicial system in the future,” said Mortara

“Before, I would’ve said it’s not a danger to America if Joe Biden wins the election,” he continued. “Now, I kind of think it is.”

Pagnotta concluded, “What these dipshits don’t realize is that they just united our country behind the outlaw in what will be remembered as the biggest political backfire in political history.”

“WE THE PEOPLE see through Biden’s abuse of power as a corrupt old dictator, and this November, WE THE PEOPLE will deliver the final verdict!”

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