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Celebrating Flag Day: A Tribute to American Patriotism

Flag Day is a special day in the United States that commemorates the adoption of the Stars and Stripes as the official flag of the nation. Celebrated annually on June 14th, this day is a reminder of the values and principles that the American flag represents, and it serves as an opportunity for citizens to…

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Dr. Naomi Wolf Responds to UK Media Regulator OfCom

This is Dr. Wolf’s statement to the Royal Courts of Justice, London, United Kingdom, on June 11, 2024. ### Statement of Dr Naomi Wolf to the Court Dear Mrs Justice Farbey I am here today because OfCom, the media watchdog agency, concluded that my presentation of information from scientific reports about the Pfizer injection, on Mark Steyn’s…

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“WHO Treaty Smuggles in Bill Gates Plan For a ‘Fire Department For Pandemics’”

This article was originally published by the 100% reader-funded independent Dutch newspaper De Andere Krant (The other newspaper). This is a deep machine translation.  The latest version of WHO’s draft Pandemic Treaty for the first time mentions a “global health emergency workforce” – an international corps of “health workers” who can be deployed to “combat…

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“Treason (in Chicago)” w/ Brian O’Shea and JJ Carrell

Treason, espionage, artillery, soldiers, and tactics exist in every war, but especially treason. Unrestricted Invasion co-host Brian O’Shea explains that we are at war now, an “Unrestricted War” against the West which was initiated and is being orchestrated by the Chinese Communist Party (“CCP”) and treason is one of the most utilized weapons against us.…

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“Dr. Henry Ealy Explains 5G ‘Poisoning’, Solutions”

The inimitable Dr. Henry Ealy, one of the most distinguished healers of our time, explains the political background of the installation of 5G towers worldwide, during ‘lockdowns’. He gives a primer on the role of electromagnetism in and in relation to the human body and reveals that the symptom list for 5G illness and COVID,…

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“ESE is One of the Only Tools That Can Rebuild and Restore the Damage That’s Been Done to Our Children”

Dear Dr. Naomi Wolf, I’ve been following you since your first appearance of Warroom with Steve Bannon. Thank you for your tireless research. I’d like to visit with you or a representative regarding the antidote to the neuropsychological warfare being waged against our nation’s children. It’s a multi-front assault comprised of COVID’s spike proteins on…

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