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Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., might have thought he left his disastrous COVID-19 policies behind when he retired in 2022. That was not to be. When Republicans “flipped” the House (Midterms 2022), the new Republican majority established the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic. Yesterday Dr. Fauci sat before that Subcommittee to give an account of his management of the COVID-19 Pandemic in America. Not only did he not acquit himself well, but he revealed that many of his recommendations were not scientific. Indeed they meet the legal definition of arbitrary and capricious. This calls into question not only the entire COVID-19 policy but also Fauci’s academic record and “honor-worthiness.” But it also calls into question the science he so arrogantly championed. That last speaks to a failing, not only of morality but also of imagination.

Anthony Fauci, his career, and honors

Anthony S. Fauci (born 1940) grew up in Brooklyn, son of a druggist who owned a drugstore with a walk-up apartment where the family lived. He spent much of his youth working the cash register and delivering prescriptions. By his junior year in high school, he knew he wanted to become a doctor. So he followed a pre-med track at College of the Holy Cross, and in 1962 he enrolled at Cornell University Medical College (now known as Weill Cornell Medicine). Graduating first-in-class in 1966, he did his internship and residency at the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center.

Fresh out of residency he joined the agency he would later direct for thirty-eight years: the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID). He started in the Laboratory of Clinical Investigation as a clinical associate and finally, in 1974, became its director.

In 1980 he became director of the Laboratory of Immunoregulation. (In that same year your editor enrolled in medical school.) And in 1983 came the crisis that catapulted him to the Directorship of NIAID – the AIDS Crisis. (AIDS stands for Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome.) Official biographies credit him with revising some chemotherapy protocols to make them safer and more effective. They also credit him with the discovery of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, the putative causative agent of AIDS. But recently Judy Mikovits, Ph.D., asserts that she discovered HIV – and Fauci, as her designated “adviser,” stole her work, sat on it, and got a patent on it.

A plug from the World Economic Forum

Fauci would go on, as his NIAID biography asserts, to advise seven Presidents on matters of health and especially infections. Such glowing biographies are always suspect, especially of an appointee who literally sees Presidents come and go. But the shortest biography might be the most damning – for it comes from the World Economic Forum.

Serves as one of the key advisers to the White House and Department of Health and Human Services on global AIDS issues, and on initiatives to bolster medical and public health preparedness against possible future bioterrorist attacks.

This is obsolete, of course, because he has since stepped down as head of NIAID. But now they tell us! Until today the world heard that Anthony S. Fauci worked to stop killer pandemics that arose spontaneously from the wild. “Bioterrorist attacks”? What has that to do with the price of penicillin in Patagonia?

Or could it be that the WEF threw that out as their excuse when they release their next pandemic agent? Could it be that the Wuhan Wet Market Bat Soup Theory was so bat-guano crazy (and false!) that the real bad actors know the game is up? Recall that the World Health Organization is still working on a Global Pandemic Treaty to usher in one-world government. Lately, negotiations for that treaty broke down, when one party admitted that their (literal) subjects would never accept it. But the treaty will come back, maybe this fall, maybe next springtime. And if that short bio of Fauci – on their site – is any indicator, WEF operatives will launch a false-flag pseudo-operation to scare the public into accepting it. In short, Fauci has lent his name to a code word for a means of medical tyranny.

Arbitrary (and capricious) guidelines

Before yesterday’s hearing even began,

Republicans on the Subcommittee released some damaging admissions Fauci made in an interview with them back in January. In that interview, Fauci admitted that the six-foot social-distancing guideline had no hard data to support it. It didn’t even have anything pretending to be a comprehensive theory, or even a plausible hypothesis! Fauci admitted to “majority counsel” that he and his colleagues decided on the six-foot distance arbitrarily.

Last month, in fact, Dr. Francis Collins, the head of the umbrella organization called National Institutes of Health (NIH), also admitted that the social-distancing policy – at any distance – had no evidence to support it.

There’s more. The NIH also admitted that gain-of-function research took place – research to make an already bad “bug” worse. Dr. Fauci has a history of denying that any such research took place. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has referred him for criminal prosecution for flat-out lying about this.

What makes those guidelines capricious is that the good doctor never objected when rioters got much closer than six feet! It was almost as if rioting conferred protection against infection. Then again, no one can recall seeing any “meat wagons” rolling down Main Street, sporting rooftop bullhorns blaring “Bring out your dead!”

Fauci knew then that coronavirus was artificial!

This morning, further evidence broke that Anthony Fauci knew, shortly before the pandemic declaration, that the coronavirus strain then circulating was not a wild type. Jim Hoft (The Gateway Pundit) concentrated on Fauci evading Freedom of Information Act requests for emails he had received. But the contents of those emails are far more important. These clearly show that Fauci was hearing from a possibly good-hearted epidemiologist (Kristian Andersen, Scripps Research Institute), who knew Fauci by the glowing reputation he had so carefully cultivated, that certain gene sequences in the coronavirus genome – sequences so subtle that a careless research might overlook them – did not come from the wild.

But four days later, that same epidemiologist publicly said the idea of coronavirus having a lab origin strained credulity. He used some very unscientific and un-measured words, like “crackpot” and “conspiracy theory.” What happened? Dr. Fauci called him, dressed him down, and ordered him to perform damage control, that’s what happened. This X post contains side-by-side photographs of notes showing the change in attitude.

The man on the left is Kristian Andersen, a British scientist who emailed Fauci 1/31/20, saying the virus looks lab-made. The man on the right is Kristian Andersen, the guy who Fauci called on 2/1/20 and ordered to publicly say it wasn’t lab-made, which he did. Fauci then gave… pic.twitter.com/LY7ttS23kJ— Mises Caucus (@LPMisesCaucus) March 1, 2023

The documentary evidence shows that Fauci did more than dress his colleague down. He bribed him, to the tune of $16.5 million in increased grants.

It shows something more, that would come up in the hearing. Dr. David Morens, adviser to Fauci and Collins, devised a strategy to frustrate FOIA requests. Per Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit:

He did this by deleting government emails, which is a crime, by using private email to conduct government business, which is also a crime, and then strategically misspelling names and titles to frustrate the FOIA searches.

And, then the craziest part is that Morens foolishly detailed his schemes in emails that Fauci would have seen, that Fauci was on the distribution list of. So he has no plausible deniability.

Bear all this in mind when playing the Livestream Replay of yesterday’s 10:00 a.m. hearing.

Not a doctor anymore!

As Fauci arrived, hecklers greeted him. They called him the third worst mass murderer in history (after Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin), based on total fatalities.

The hearing began like too many such hearings, with lackluster questioning from Republicans and effusive praise of Fauci from Democrats. That is, until Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) began to question him. She began with questions about his experiments on beagles, allowing insects to eat them alive.

In that same vein she questioned him further on the NIH profiting from its relationships with large drug makers, and his refusal to observe the mask and other mandates he laid upon the people. At one point she held up a photograph of a maskless Fauci appearing in public.

JUST IN: Marjorie Taylor Greene calls for the imprisonment of ‘Mr.’ Fauci to his face as she cites a new report where NIH scientists made over $700 million on cov*d royalties.

“NIH scientists made $710 million in royalties from drug makers. A fact that’s been hidden.”

“Is it… pic.twitter.com/cPHNDqGdr8— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) June 3, 2024

But what no one seemed to notice – until at last Rep. Greene made a point of it – was that she was no longer addressing the witness as Doctor Fauci. She called him Mister, not Doctor – and said he didn’t merit the title any longer.

That set off a flurry of points of order, chiefly from Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), saying Greene was rude not to use the Doctor honorific. The entire Democratic side of the dais erupted in fury, so that Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-Ky.), the Chairman, admonished Greene. But he did not “take her words down,” because remarks to a witness do not come under the same rules as remarks from one Representative to another.

Accusing the unvaccinated

Joseph Choi, writing in The Hill, set forth five specific disputes Anthony Fauci had with Republicans on the Subcommittee. As one can see, many of these disputes placed the “good doctor” at variance with fact.

  1. Fauci denied commissioning David Morens to hid emails from those making FOIA requests, and condemned Morens for doing so. In short he accused Morens of acting on his own initiative in that regard.
  2. He further disclaimed any responsibility, or indeed any involvement, either with guideline setting or origins theories.
  3. As mentioned, he took a merciless grilling from Rep. Greene, concerning animal experiments, hypocritical posturing, and money that changed hands.
  4. Several members of the audience saw fit to heckle the former director during his testimony. As common etiquette requires, Chairman Weinstrup had some of them removed.
  5. Last, the Democratic contingent insisted the hearing had produced no new insights.

That last might be true, but not for the reasons Democrats gave. We always knew that Anthony Fauci is a serial liar, so his demonstration of that fact was not new.

But one lie that Joseph Choi did not mention was that the unvaccinated had caused 200,000 to 300,000 more deaths from coronavirus than might otherwise have occurred. Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA embedded video of that bit of brass.

Fauci is still on with this garbage! He says the unvaccinated were responsible for 200,000 – 300,000 additional COVID deaths. This is patently insane on many levels but it’s pure DC swamp creature behavior. He’s continuing the coverup rather than telling Americans the truth. His… pic.twitter.com/0PO91VWd0r— Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) June 3, 2024

After the hearing, Rep. Greene spoke to the public to defend and reiterate her remarks.

I’m tired of Democrat antics claiming Republicans worship Donald Trump.

I worship God!

Democrats are still worshiping Convicted Felon George Floyd. pic.twitter.com/OVNQnZ71vP— Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene🇺🇸 (@RepMTG) June 3, 2024

Jim Hoft provided a transcript:

Everything I said is correct. It’s how the American people feel. It’s what we know to be a fact. It’s all the evidence has been proven true. We have Jamie Raskin in there accusing us of worshiping Trump, worshiping as a convicted felon… Well, yes, so is George Floyd. You all, too, the media worships George Floyd. Democrats worship George Floyd. There were riots burning down the f*cking country over George Floyd, and Raskin is in there saying, We worship him?

Excuse me, let me correct you, and this is really important. I don’t worship Trump. I worship God. God, and Jesus is my savior. I don’t worship President Trump.

I’m really sick and tired of the bullsh*t annex I have to deal with constantly from the Democrats. So that’s what we just went through in there. And then they’re sitting there, they can attack my character all day long. What’s his face in there? Whoever was talking last was calling me insane. But yet we can’t say, Oh, they’re attacking my character. Oh, no. It’s nonstop BS and annex.

You want to know why? The Democrats don’t have anything. They’re responsible for the lockdowns, forced vaccinations, kids being forced to stay home, people committing suicide, and all the horrors that this country lived through during COVID.

Fauci belongs in prison. He should be tried for mass murder, and he should be tried for crimes against humanity. That’s how I feel after that hearing. That’s how the American people feel.

Is Fauci a mass murderer?

Jim Hoft provided one more key piece of evidence along that line this morning. In March of 2020 Fauci received an email from one Robert Roth, who described himself as a former assistant attorney general for New York State and Oregon. He shared reporting of the success, in China, of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for coronavirus. The NIAID director deliberately downplayed it.

Dr Fauci and Uniparty had to derail Trump’s monkey wrench, HCQ, the cure as it rivaled Fauci’s pet drug Remdesivir at 1,000. per dose vs HCQ at .70 per dose. Also, it would have derailed vaccines, as it would have ended the pandemic by Oct 2020.

Trump saved hundreds of thousands… pic.twitter.com/6qwXZIer6y— Gracie Smith (@GraceSm16250397) June 3, 2024

Why? Was it only to protect his pecuniary interest in promoting the drug Remdesivir, on which he held another patent? Or was it in furtherance of the World Economic Forum’s Malthusian depopulation agenda? We might never know.

We do know this. Anthony S. Fauci might have a medical degree, but he definitely sullied his smock. He stands accused, and might indeed be guilty, of scientific plagiarism and – even more incredible – patent trolling. Furthermore he is the worst example of a Big Cheese Attending that many medical students and residents remember – resentfully. “I am the science!” he once arrogantly declared.

But Anthony S. Fauci is also a product of his environment. From arrogant professors he learned arrogance in his turn. He also learned equally arrogant notions about “artificial active acquired immunity” and absolute scientific authority. His example should tell us to re-examine the entire Flexnerian industrial-style medical educational model. It should also teach us to re-examine the “science” that disparages remedies that sufficed for centuries. To say nothing of the notion that a virus would wait for “modern times” to explode out of the wild to kill people.

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