“President Biden Opposed to ICJ Warrants for Netanyahu”

To the Editor,

President Biden is opposed to warrants for the arrest of PM Binyamin Netanyahu and his defense minister in the war against Gaza (a war I remind you that Israel did not start nor want).  This is extremely puzzling indeed!

I don’t think I can recall in living memory a politician who is so adept (well not that adept) at changing his positions on an almost hourly and certainly a daily basis. Biden has led the charge to discredit Israeli leadership on several levels and at the same time to discredit what Israel has to do in Gaza. I remind people that what Israel is doing is orders of magnitude less damaging to noncombatants than what the US did in Mosul by the way, and this for an enemy thousands of miles away whilst Israel is dealing with an implacable foe right on its doorstep that seeks Israel’s total destruction followed by annihilation of worldwide Jewry.
I’m pretty sure I heard him talk about his “ironclad support” for Israel at a Holocaust Memorial Ceremony, only to say the very next day that he’s withholding weapons from Israel. And without saying so precisely he knows that in so doing, he’s implying that Israel is committing war crimes in Gaza. I reiterate the irony here given the USA’s response to Pearl Harbor, and 9/11. There were 10s of thousands killed with 2 atomic bombs in 2 days, but what about the millions killed by firebombing and carpet bombing in Japan, Dresden, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Munich? The sole targets in these attacks were civilians. This was not even ‘collateral damage’. This reminds me of an old saying about those living in glass houses should, oh, ‘you know the thing’ (to paraphrase Biden).
Howard C Tenenbaum

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