“The Killing of My Only Child”


My name is Rebecca Charles, and I am reaching out to share the devastating story of my beloved only child, my daughter, Danielle of 28 years. My sweet Danielle faced struggles from the beginning due to decisions made by doctors at LIJ Medical Hospital, which caused her developmental delays. Despite these challenges, Danielle grew up to be a wonderful, loving young lady with a heart of gold.

Danielle’s life was filled with joy and purpose. She loved volunteering and bringing smiles to the elderly at Sunrise Assisted Living. She had a healthy lifestyle, adhering to a diet free of gluten, dairy, and sugar, and taking daily vitamins. Rarely did she fall ill.

In 2021, Danielle contracted Covid-19 after being exposed by her support staff. We treated Danielle at home, including administering a Z-pack and high doses of vitamins, but a week later she had a lingering cough I had never heard before. Believing the hospital would be a safe haven, I made the gravest mistake of my life by taking her to Glen Cove Hospital, now Northwell Health Hospital.

Danielle was admitted under false pretenses with normal vitals and only a dry cough. They claimed she had hypoxia and sepsis, despite her normal white cell count and 95% oxygen level. Over the next 40 days, the hospital administered 10 rounds of Remdesivir, fentanyl, IV, also injected it in her veins, and patched her heart for what? Danielle’s right ventricle of her heart was damaged in less than 3 weeks. These American hospital’s lethal COVID-19 protocol and their administration of dangerous medications without proper consultation or regard for her well-being led to her untimely death of multiple organ failure on October 6th, 2021.

My daughter, who entered the hospital with no pre-existing conditions, was tortured and killed at 40 by the very institution meant to save lives. My daughter did not die due to the protocols or COVID-19, she died, because of the recklessness of the doctor and nurses who knowingly, intentionally, and willfully overdosed her with high-risk meds that should not be combined for such long periods and 32 days on a ventilation most of the 100% oxygen that blew her lungs out. The medical records speak for itself.

Despite seeking justice, I faced numerous hurdles. Attorneys refused my case, either due to my inability to pay or because of the immunity provided to hospitals under the PREP Act. Even with substantial evidence, I found no one willing to take on my fight.

If Covid-19 was as deadly as claimed, why weren’t we seeing the homeless dying on the streets or people dying in their homes? Why did the death count skyrocket in hospitals, the supposed sanctuaries for the sick?

I have since built a website, www.deathbyhospitalprotocol.com, and created an app for worldwide use, “Death by Hospital Protocol,” to expose the establishments and medical professionals responsible for harming patients through unethical protocols. This platform is a gift to those who have lost loved ones, providing a space to share their stories and save others from similar fates.

For iPhone https://apps.apple.com/us/app/dbhp/id6478464423

For Android Phone users download: 

If justice eludes us in the courts, we will seek it on social media, exposing every crime against humanity occurring in these medical establishments. We must reclaim our power and refuse to remain silent.

I filed my case myself against Northwell Health Hospital Glen Cove and 43 others. I am seeking legal counsel if someone can help me. Help me in revealing the truth and protecting others from these perilous practices.

I attached the daily list of drugs Danielle was given and a short video.

Kind Regards,

Rebecca Charles, Danielle’s mom


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