“VP Pick Nicole Shanahan on America’s Future”


This riveting video explores the background and interests of a much-discussed by little/known new figure on the national stage, RFK Jr’s running mate, technologist, and activist/lawyer Nicole Shanahan. From her childhood raised by an immigrant mother who fled totalitarianism, and with another parent suffering mental illness in the home, Shanahan describes the lessons she learned. She also shares what it was like to be a female Founder in the ‘golden era’ of tech; her struggles with fertility, which led her to fund research into supporting and extending women’s natural fertility; and the fact of her daughter’s autism diagnosis led her to become passionate about children’s health. Shanahan has been covered superficially, due to her former marriage to Google cofounder Sergey Brin. This historic interview meets the candidate for VP – if elected, she would be the first female VP raising a young child – on her terms.


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