WHO Pandemic Treaty: 49 U.S. Senators Send Biden a Letter to Withdraw Support

All 49 Republican U.S. Senators — led by Senator Ron Johnson — sent a letter to President Biden urging him to withdraw U.S. support from the current proposed Amendments to the International Health Regulations and Pandemic Treaty negotiations.
The letter also stated that, should the Biden administration fail to do this, the Senators called on him to submit any agreement to the Senate for its advice and consent.
The Senate letter is huge news.  It represents, I believe, a turning of the tide.
The letter cited the potential loss of U.S. sovereignty to the WHO, and also the fact that the WHO is breaking its own rules:  Under Article 55 of the International Health Regulations, the WHO was required to submit the final text of any proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations at least 4 months in advance of voting on them.  That deadline passed in January, and the WHO is still negotiating the texts of both the proposed Amendments and the new Pandemic Treaty, just weeks before the May 27 vote.
For months the Sovereignty Coalition, of which I am co-founder, has been advancing the argument that the vote on these instruments should be delayed because of the violation of Article 55.   The Sovereignty Coalition has put out several calls to action, which I have forwarded to you.
Thanks to every person who called or emailed their Senators to delay the WHO vote, in response to these calls to action.  You are the ones who showed the senators that their constituents care about this issue and helped make this happen.  Thank you, and congratulations!  Your voices have been heard!
The Senate letter also calls for the reform of the WHO, while we believe that we should defund and withdraw from it.  Nevertheless, this letter constitutes a big step — indeed, a massive leap — in the right direction.
Thanks to Senator Ron Johnson, to all the Senators who signed the letter to Biden, to the Sovereignty Coalition and all other organizations advocating on these issues, and to every individual who took action to make your concerns known.  Together, we can protect our national sovereignty and personal medical freedom from the WHO.

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