“WORLD PREMIERE: The Illusion of Consensus SEASON TWO”


The day has come. Welcome to season 2 of The Illusion of Consensus podcast. Please consider supporting our new media project by becoming a paid member now.

Hi everyone,

We’re very excited to launch season 2 of our podcast with none other than the inimitable Russell Brand as our first guest:

LIVE PREMIERE: 1-hour Russell Brand Interview

Watch the Live premiere here

This past season of the show has been hugely successful, as we did the first interviews with Dr. Kulldorff, Dr. Tracy Beth Hoeg, and Dr. Kulvinder Kaur after their respective institutional fallouts:

MUST-WATCH Episode 36: Martin Kulldorff On Why He Was Fired From Harvard

URGENT Episode 37: Dr. Kulvinder Kaur Gives Her FIRST EVER Interview On Being Persecuted For Anti-Lockdown Advocacy

Episode 34: Dr. Tracy Beth Hoeg Reveals Losing Her Job At UC Davis Over Polarizing Vaccine Myocarditis Research

While we started out focused exclusively on the pandemic, we will be continuing to expose and dismantle the Illusion of Consensus across scientific disciplines: pharmaceutical drugs, nutrition, health economics, mental health, and exercise.

Here is a tentative list of our upcoming guests:

  • RFK Jr. on taking down Big Pharma and Big Food
  • Dr. Peter McCullough on cardiac risks of COVID-19 vaccines observed in clinical practice and his peer-reviewed scientific publications
  • Naomi Wolf on holistic health and herbal supplements
  • Mattias Desmet on the complex forces behind the rise in totalitarianism and irrational worship of science
  • Ben Shapiro on changing his mind on Covid vaccines
  • Jeff Childers on courageously fighting for our legal rights in the face of Covidian tyranny
  • Pierre Kory on treating patients during Covid and the demonization of ivermectin
  • Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan on developing inner safety to improve sleep lower anxiety
  • Meryl Nass on having her medical license suspended for providing early Covid treatments
  • Dr. Robert Malone on WHO and FDA corruption
  • Andy Galpin on the latest in fitness research and how you can efficiently build muscular strength starting today
  • Lee Fang on the censorship industrial complex
  • Rick Doblin on FDA finally nearing approval of MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD

And much more!

Our goal is to interview a wide-ranging array of guests, from the political to the purely health-oriented. Most of the highlighted podcasts above will powerfully expose corrupt power centers and the growing tentacles of the biopharmaceutical-censorship complex, but we will be doing a substantial number of podcasts showing you alternative paths and methods to reclaim your health and well-being.

This will include top, consensus-shattering experts in holistic medicine, natural supplements, sleep science, regenerative medicine, cognitive behavioral therapy (tools to deal with anxiety and stress), and even culturally ascendant psychedelic therapies to heal depression, PTSD, and root-cause traumas.

So this podcast is not all bad news.

The world is falling apart, but we can come together, and through the powerful means of conversation and free expression on this platform (Substack), we can share ideas to improve our collective physical, mental, and social health as a growing international community of free thinkers and opponents of authoritarian power.

Our one and only call to action:

Consider supporting us in this new, revitalized iteration of the show by becoming a paid member.
Your support is needed now more than ever as we make a major investment into this ambitious project. As our audience has grown over the past year, we received ample feedback on both the excellent, riveting content but also the suboptimal audio, video, and graphic elements.

In response to this problem, we decided we need to upgrade the quality of the show to provide a smoother, and more enjoyable listening and watching experience. To help pay for production costs, we count on paid members to support the show.

Paid members will receive access to the following:

  • Ability to send questions to our guests for the new member-only section of the show (as  existing members did for our Russell Brand interview)
  • Access to exclusive member-only segments with our top guests
  • Monthly intimate Q&A podcasts where you can call in live and ask your questions to Jay and Rav
  • Early access to conversations with our featured guests
  • livestream episodes on Rumble

Founding members will get the additional feature of getting access to personal communication with us via email to pitch guests, ask any questions, and provide feedback on our show.

All three entities must synergistically grow and mutually support one another: us recording top-quality, fascinating conversations, our hired production team producing maximal video, audio, and short-form content, and the audience to consume, subscribe, and support the content.

We’re incredibly excited to bring you season 2 of The Illusion of Consensus.

Politicized “consensus” can toxically metastasize, congeal, and propagandize — as we saw in the pandemic.

But it can also be challenged, exposed, and subverted in real time. This is our mission.

Join us today with our exclusive, hour-long conversation with countercultural leader Russell Brand.

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