E34S2: “Uniforms, Beauty, and Trolls”


Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. But what does that mean, exactly? Why should you care about how you look if what you know is your major offering to people? Well, our guest, Alana Newman, author of the Beauty First Method, Speaking Coach/Expert, and Health Freedom Activist is here to tell you. How you present and what you present is as important as how what you present is packaged.

For example: would you rather take health advice from an out-of-shape, pasty scientist from Baylor College with bad skin or from a nutrition and wellness expert with glowing skin, clear eyes, and a physique that exudes health, fitness, and a dedication to wellness? Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder, and so is the lack of beauty. What is beauty? Well, Newman has a great answer for this and why your physical beauty is really a meter for your internal physical and mental health. If you look awful, you probably feel awful, so your health is perhaps awful too. But it doesn’t have to be.

Don’t miss this riveting conversation with Alana Newman and Unrestricted Invasion Co-Host Brian O’Shea. Newman connects the dots between beauty, health, power, and influence, and ties it all into the uniforms we all wear to promote the ideas we are selling. That uniform is our physical health which presents as our individual beauty. As a bonus, Alana and Brian also analyze how various present themselves, sometimes mimicking the uniforms of those they seek to undermine. Tune in…this is a BEAUTIFUL episode. Personal uniforms required!

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About Alana Newman:
Alana Newman is a multidisciplinary creative strategist in the fight against the medical-industrial complex. Her career highlights include working for the think tank Institute for American Values, spearheading a nonprofit storytelling project that challenged the global fertility industry, producing and narrating the documentary Sexual Revolution: 50 Years Since Humanae Vitae, a critique on hormonal birth control, co-founding Health Freedom Summit—the first English language conference broadcast in opposition of the official Covid narrative—launched in April of 2020, and currently is promoting her new book Beauty First Method, teaching aspiring speakers
in the Health Freedom Movement how to increase their impact. She was raised and educated in San Francisco and currently lives in Southern California.

Alana on X: @AlanaNewmanCA
Beauty First Method Bio and Company Site: https://beautyfirstmethod.com/alana

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