My Appearance on Brannon Howse Live — 6/16/23

By Selwyn Duke We discussed the degradation of our military and Hamtramck Muslims’ elimination of a symbol of sexual degradation. This was a television segment, but I only have the audio. If I can obtain a video version, I’ll post it.  All you need do to listen is click on the link below.  Download SelwynDuke-06-16-2023_audio


The Tech Giants Whose GOAL Is Human Extinction

By Selwyn Duke In the year 2000, Sun Microsystems cofounder Bill Joy wrote an essay provocatively titled “Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us.” Despite being published April 1, it was no joke; and despite its 11,000-word length, it would go viral. The reason why was encapsulated in its subhead. To wit: “Our most powerful 21st-century technologies —