SARS2 was patented by Ralph Baric in 2018

But the story is much bigger than a UNC patent, since it also included an NIH patent

We finished the last post with a question for the UNC lab: “Two of the 2018 viruses in their freezer were called 293 and HK3. They will both become the second most debated genome in human history, behind SARS2.” The hive mind called the internet has already delivered an answer.

Dr Ralph Baric (RB) in 2018 “had already generated SARS-like chimeras…called 293 and HK3…which are 20% different than epidemic strains.” Dr Peter Daszak even confirmed the ~20% hypothesis!

In 2015, Baric was looking for coronaviruses that were less than 25% different than epidemic strains. In November 2019, Daszak said Baric was still “identifying” these types of strains. Remember, SARS2 was 22% different than epidemic strains.

Also note the nearest known sample to SARS2 was RaTG13 at 4% different. But Baric had two bat viruses called “293” and “HK3,” that were ~2% closer to SARS2. Both of those samples were patented by Baric in 2018.

Let me repeat, Dr Ralph Baric of the University of North Carolina patented the SARS-CoV-2 genome in 2018!

No, the Chinese did not copy or steal Baric’s ‘obscure’ methods. Yes, we all know the about the ‘other’ patents in SARS2; like ModernaCGG-CGGDavid E. Martin, and immune evasion. This was a Baric patent for the individual genome now called SARS-CoV-2.

Mother nature has never seen SARS2, so Baric claimed a lab origin would only be “within the records of the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” but SARS2 was in the records of a US Government patent office.

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