April 26, 2024

E37S2: “It’s About to Go Down”

Suddenly, our streets are overrun with crime, the Republican Majority leader Mike Johnson is siding with Democrats and RINOs: sending our money to Ukraine; Russia cheers on our adversary Iran to attack Israel; our support for Israel is hampered by a massive propaganda campaign against its existence; massive protests are shutting down key US airports…

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“Congress Is Wild For Ukraine”

Jubilation and flag waving as Congress sends another $65 billion to Kiev Just a few days after Tax Day in the United States, Congress approved another $61 billion to Ukraine. The chamber erupted in jubilation and flag-waving as the final vote in favor of the aid package was tallied. I can’t think of a single…

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EP38S2: “The Intentional Destruction of America!”

The Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, along with over a hundred RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) as well as Democrats, passed a $95 BILLION aid package to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. But the package contained ZERO dollars for the United States! America is being intentionally destroyed, and legislation such as this aid package reveals that…

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