Taylor Swift PSYOP?

Department of Defense proposed using her “to combat online disinformation”

Over the last couple of months, my younger brother has repeatedly expressed the opinion that Taylor Swift’s romance with Kansas City Chief ball player Travis Kelce has been endlessly publicized and incentivized by creepy US government and pharmaceutical industry propagandists.

“The media zone is being flooded with Taylor and her romance with Pfizer Boy,” he remarked. “I doubt this is just a coincidence.”

I was aware of notable cases of the pharma industry using of high profile athletes to propagate messaging about their products. For example, Heisman Trophy winner and Miami Dolphins running back, Ricky Williams, was paid large sums to sing the praises of antidepressants for helping him to overcome his shyness.

However, Travis Kelce’s $20 million deal to endorse Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot raised the bar to a new dizzying height. Now comes the news that, a few years ago, the Department of Defense expressly proposed that his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, would be a useful PSYOP asset for “combatting online disinformation.”

When I was growing up in Texas in the eighties, it was a fairly common arrangement for the most beautiful cheerleader on the squad to date the quarterback. The Swift-Kelce romance appears to be an adult, big money iteration of this high status pairing.

Fox News recently reported this story, which is being hotly denounced as a “conspiracy theory” by the usual array of mainstream media programmed dummies.


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