February 1, 2024

SARS2 was patented by Ralph Baric in 2018

But the story is much bigger than a UNC patent, since it also included an NIH patent We finished the last post with a question for the UNC lab: “Two of the 2018 viruses in their freezer were called 293 and HK3. They will both become the second most debated genome in human history, behind SARS2.” The…

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Court Ruling: Federal Government acted illegally in responding to 2022 Freedom Convoy

OTTAWA, ON: The Justice Centre is pleased to announce that the legal and constitutional challenge against the first-ever invocation of the Emergencies Act, filed as Jost et al. v. Canada, has been decided in favour of the citizens who participated in the peaceful 2022 Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. The Justice Centre provided lawyers for these Canadians, who launched a court action…

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Turns out bouncy castles aren’t a national emergency after all

Pictured: Not a national emergency For those whose bank accounts the government froze, those who remain on trial for trumped up charges, and those who were pepper sprayed, tear gassed, or zip tied while protesting for freedom, this week’s news might be too little to late. Even so, the aforementioned people have all been vindicated.…

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